Easy Tear Paper Towel Holder Countertop

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1.Unique Design & Fashion Style: This paper towel holder Stand is classic and functional. the appearance is very fashionable and Hi-Tech. There are three parts, the round base, the main pole the paper towels are on and the arm to stop the paper towels from all coming out.
2.Premium Quality: Sturdy metal construction, the material is very thick, the overall weight is very heavy, it works rock-solid, and its heavy body doesn't move easily, very solid and durable.
3.With adjustable spring Arm: The spring arm is adjustable. It can keep touching and fixing the paper towel roll. Whatever how thick or thin your roll is, it'll fit any width, So you can tear the paper towel easily and avoid the paper towel roll unravel.
4.Makes life easier: It help you to keep Kitchen clean and nice, Paper towels dispense easily, It holds the paper towel roll well, your kids will tear off one towel at a time which will help you save paper, not waste paper towels that aren't needed.
5.Various Occasions: This paper towel holder is perfect for your RV, Camper, BBQ, Office ,Kitchen, Dining room, Bathroom and other areas where paper towels are used. It may be the Excellent gift for your wife, mother, daughter, colleague and friend on birthday, Thanksgiving, New Year or Christmas.