Monkey Coin Bank

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1. The money bank has enough space, a decent big size, the Bottom plug stays tight, when the number of coins increases, the large piggy bank will not fall.
2. If you are looking for Christmas gifts or birthday gifts, this Coin bank box will be your choice. You will like its design and colors, kids will be excited if they own it
3. Kids will take out the money with the keys when the cute piggy bank is full, and encourage your kids to buy all goods things they expect in their heart
4. This digital coin bank is Suitable for home decorations. Every child can remember their first Money Saving Box and some might remember that proud moment when they slotted those coins in when they have pocket money.
5. Cute Coin Bank has been used to teach people about the value of saving, which will attract and encourage your little one to start saving money and develop a good habit.