Silicone Toilet Brush and Holder Set

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1.Premium Material: The bristle of the silicone toilet brush is made of soft, flexible, and dense TPR.It will clean the hard-to-reach rim of the toilet places and scrub the tough stains without scratching the glaze.
2.Drawer for Dump Water: In order to solve the long-term confusing stagnant water and leakage problems. You don’t need to take out all toilet cleaner brush and holder to dump stagnant water from the wall.
3.Two Ways of Placing: You have two ways of placing a choice to place toilet bowl cleaner brush in your bathroom--Wall mounted or floor standing. We recommend wall-mounted to save your space without drilling on the wall.If you are a lucky man, you will get two adhesives in a toilet brush box.
4.Easy to Install and Clean: When you received our toilet bowl brush set, you need to install the handle in an easy way. You’d better add some bathroom cleaner into the toilet and then use our toilet brush to clean it thoroughly. After rinsing with water, soft bristles become a new silicone toilet brush.